Performance management can sometimes be puzzling but it’s easy once you have an understanding of the system and can start to fit the individual pieces together. The challenge is that ONE Size DOES NOT FIT ALL when it comes to performance management. Great organizations align the pieces of the system to ‘fit’ their strategy, culture, stage of development (e.g. start-ups need something different than mature organizations), and organizational priorities.

Competency Models are a means of ensuring that your investment in your people supports the achievement of your strategic goals. A good competency model provides the foundation to for talent management from selection, development, evaluation, and succession. Performance Dimensions Group has the experience you need to cut through the confusion and pinpoint the critical success factors that cause the on-the-job effectiveness.

Are your managers skilled at ‘turning performance problems around‘? Do they provide coaching and feedback to your top talent or spend all their time focusing on the poorest performers? Do employees know how your appraisal system works? Check out our training modules that will help you close the gaps and develop the skills your people need in order to perform better.