Honesty, courage and the desire to execute are the foundation for our client engagements. We work in concert with our clients to craft unique solutions tailored to the client. PDG builds lasting partnerships while acting as a trusted advisor. Our governing values are:


  • Guide ourselves and our clients through clarity of vision and goals.
  • Provide our expertise to clients but engage with them as partners in creating solutions.
  • Create fiercely loyal customers by providing the highest value and best possible client experience.
  • Hold ourselves to the highest standards of excellence, quality of work product, and professional & ethical conduct.
  • Adopt only those clients who are open and willing to make necessary changes and displays trust and respect in our partnership.


  • Increase our knowledge, skill, passion, and resources to benefit ourselves and our clients.
  • Teach our clients to “fish” for themselves by transferring knowledge & skill.
  • Provide practical solutions that can be implemented with or without our help.
  • Give and Receive feedback: The “truth” helps us get better and our clients too.


  • Collaborate with our colleagues, clients and vendor-partners to create a win-win for everyone.
  • Motivate our clients to become the best employer, organization, or leader possible.
  • Provoke those we work with to have fun, be more authentic, and work from clearly defined values.