360° Feedback, Leadership & Management Development

The Profiles CheckPoint 360° System is a powerful 3-part solution for professional Leadership and Management development.

Developing the skills and the methods used by managers has a tremendous impact on an organization’s productivity. A powerful initiative for effecting managers is a 360° feedback system. Profiles’ Checkpoint 360° feedback system has been hailed by our clients for its thoroughness, cost-effectiveness, and long-term results.

There are three elements to this feedback system which may be completed individually or as a complete development program.

First, is an extensive Checkpoint 360° survey to provide managers with multi-rater feedback from those who observe their performance: their bosses, subordinates, and peers. This will increase awareness and motivate managers to change the way they do their jobs. The experience of participating in our unique 360° feedback system fosters powerful professional development.

Second, is an Organizational Management Analysis System that alerts top management to potential managerial problems that can develop when managers’ goals are not in alignment with the goals of the organization. It is a 360° feedback system for your organization. Having this information not only shows where professional development is needed on an individual level, but across the enterprise. This information strengthens communication and builds stronger organizations.

Third, the Profiles SkillBuilder series rounds out the 360° feedback solution and is a blended learning and professional development program that addresses specific managerial skills identified in the Checkpoint as needing improvement. It also enables managers to pursue self-improvement in the areas most essential to improving their job performance. Consisting of 18 modules, managers develop and complete a customized personal development plan using SkillBuilder modules. Unlike many courses and seminars, SkillBuilder activities are available online and are integrated into a manager’s daily tasks. Being self-paced, SkillBuilder modules easily fit into a manager’s schedule and tangibly accelerate effectiveness and efficiency. When combined with one-on-one coaching with one of our professional coaches, you will see amazing results.

Whether you need a custom-designed 360-feedback survey or use our CheckPoint 360° feedback system, we can help you grow your leaders.

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