A large urban school district lacked leadership, employee engagement, and public trust. Part of the problem; 26 different performance evaluation forms which were neither relevant to the employee’s work, nor helpful in holding people accountable. With a new superintendent and strong executive leadership, PDG was engaged to create an effective, efficient evaluation system & tools that support successful schools, individuals and departments, and enhance best professional practices system-wide. PDG’s highly collaborative approach allowed the District to adopt a set of core competencies which cut across ALL jobs and we designed a methodology to engage managers & employees in selecting relevant position-specific competencies that would ensure that people are focused on the right things. In addition, we were able to form and facilitate a ‘joint task-force’ with the Teacher’s Union and Management to create a performance management and evaluation system that everyone could support for ratification at the next bargaining agreement. In less than six months the school district had a new Performance Management system that provided clarity of goals and performance standards, created a much higher degree of accountability for both managers and employees, and established a much higher degree of transparency and feedback.