This leading provider of automotive marketing services specializes in helping dealers and manufacturers increase their retailing effectiveness by providing digital marketing solutions such as rich-media display ads, search, and other services. When the company added more than 350 new first time manager jobs within a single year, they needed an effective, easy to roll out leadership training program that would accomplish the goal without absorbing too much of their new managers’ valuable time. Instead of taking their managers out of action for a series of 8-hour classroom training sessions, they chose the NetSpeed Leadership Webinar Series, which provides a 90-minute interactive online learning experience that includes a variety of media and follow-up activities. More than just a cognitive experience, the Leadership Webinar Series combines best practices leadership training content delivered in manageable chunks, with lots of dialog and practical follow-up. The succinct material, interesting delivery and pragmatic follow-up with portable tools like the pocket guide was one of the reasons the leadership training program worked so well. With NetSpeed’s post-session resources, the learning is quickly and easily refreshed. The head of HR believes the program helped new managers feel more confident in their new roles and better supported by the organization. “The first time manager is the weakest link. Thirty percent of new managers don’t make it because it’s the hardest job, which is why this kind of supervisory skills training program is so important, ” Also of note; “In a recent survey, employee satisfaction with management turned up significantly better than expected. This is a direct reflection of the education. We’re sure that this leadership webinar series is contributing to our success.”