When Spring Cleaning Goes Wrong — Are You Inadvertently “Throwing Out” Good Employees?

PMam13_1Ah, spring … when our thoughts turn to renewal, to change, to the clearing out of old, useless clutter — be it physical objects or mental habits. Clean is good; and emptier spaces, whether in the office or in our heads, give us room to stretch and grow.

But while you’re busy dumping dusty file folders into recycling bins or adding a 10-minute meditation break to your morning routine, make sure you’re not inadvertently throwing out something else: good employees. Yes, even the most well-intentioned leaders could be mistakenly pushing productive workers out the door by either doing certain things wrong or neglecting to do others at all.  Read More…


Spark Your Team on Staff Appreciation Day This Year

PMam13_2Have you ever stopped to think about what “spring” means? As a verb, the word means “to move or jump suddenly upward or forward.” As a season, it means warmer weather and a great time to clean out the office. But instead of just doing some tidying up this year, Performance Dimensions Group challenges you to move your company upward and forward.

How? Spring into action and spark your team! Show them how much you appreciate their efforts and time. Employee recognition is one of the most powerful tools you can use to motivate — and it can cost very little to nothing. Read More…


LEAD, GROW, INSPIRE: Rousing Quotes To Get Your Staff Rolling

PMam13_3At Performance Dimensions Group, we live by our core values of LEAD, GROW, INSPIRE. And what better time than spring to receive — and give — a bit of inspiration?

Among the best ways to get inspired is to read stories about success and successful people. For example, take Seattle native Bill Gates. He began to show an interest in computer programming at the age of 13. Through his technological innovation and sharp business strategies, he and partner Paul Allen built the world’s largest software company: Microsoft.

As leaders, we look to books, life stories and inspiring quotes of successful entrepreneurs and others to elevate our ability to guide our organizations and employees toward greater success. Your staff might find a spark for their passions and some direction for their personal goals in the words of a famous person, too. Here are a few such quotes to consider: Read More…


CEO Confidence Index Highlights:

49% think economic conditions have improved from 1 year ago.
68% anticipate sales revenue will increase in the next 12 months.
52% expect their number of employees to increase during the next 12 months.
35% say political and economic uncertainty are the most significant issues they are currently facing (down from 46% in Q4 2012)
Only 11% say it is easy to find people with the right skills to grow their business – 75% say it is difficult to find qualified talent.

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