Without great employees, most businesses would suffer — if not shut down. That’s why smart managers find ways to thank workers for their efforts. Here are 10 big and small ways to acknowledge employees and make them feel appreciated:

Put it in writing. Express your appreciation with a handwritten thank-you note on a card or company stationery. Scribbling “Thx” on a Post-it® isn’t as heartfelt.

Thank their families. To acknowledge that the company is taking away family time and show appreciation, managers could thank spouses when projects require overtime. Doing so can mean as much as personally thanking workers.

Issue an invitation. Treat employees to lunch and, if you have them, let employees use company tickets for sporting or cultural events.

Give extra time. Everyone could use more time, so let employees leave the office early once in a while or give them an extra day or two off with pay.

Give extra cash. Formal bonus programs are good, but spot bonuses work, too. These can take the form of cash or gift cards for goods or services that match your workers’ interests.

Make a donation. If you know of organizations your employees support, make donations to the charities in workers’ names.

Fix up their space. Give your employees a small budget to buy new artwork, desk accessories or other items to perk up their work spaces.

Be of service. Help workers tackle their personal to-do lists by providing them with services they need, such as on-site car washing or dog walking.

Reassign tasks. Reassigning duties that employees have outgrown or dislike gives them more time to focus on the parts of their jobs that they love.

Ask them. Don’t be afraid to ask your staff what they would appreciate most. A day at the spa isn’t much of a reward to someone who’d rather be out on the golf course.

Gratitude is always good! The more timely — and more personal — you can make your thanks, the more it will mean to your workers.