This fast growing high-tech company had crossed the chasm from ‘start-up’ to high-growth and needed to redesign its performance appraisal system and create a set of competencies for its leadership/management classification in order to grow more effectively as well as better recognize and reward the right people and the right results. We conducted focus groups, one-on-one interviews and examined existing performance-related tools & practices. By forming and facilitating a ‘design team’ of internal stakeholders, we created a set of behaviorally descriptive competencies which were readily adopted throughout the organization. In addition we worked closely with the HR team and Executive sponsors to revise the performance review tools – creating an assessment & development planning tool to support the integration of the new model and increase the effectiveness of leadership development.

The “Leadership Excellence Model” was born and supported the organization in hiring, developing, promoting, and rewarding the things that matter most for organizational success and created a process for greater alignment with organizational priorities.