Lynda Silsbee, CPT, SPHR

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Experience working in Organizational Effectiveness:

25+ years

Most relevant career experience:

17 years at Nordstrom in various organizational roles and functions including Sales, Finance, Operations and HR. Other experience includes Genie Industries, Starbucks Coffee Company, Jones Soda, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Vulcan.

Greatest Professional Achievement So Far:

Founding PDG and successfully helping clients achieve greatness for over 10 years.

Greatest strengths shared with clients:

The ability to see the “ugly” parts of the organization and see the way through the forest to a better place. Strong project management and conflict management skills.

Education and Training:

Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration (with a concentration in Organizational Behavior) from the University of Washington. Certified Performance Technologist (CPT), Certified Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR); Consultant Partner, Netspeed Learning Solutions, Profiles International and 360 Solutions. Adjunct faculty member of Seattle Pacific University – SHRM Certification Program. Executive Board member of IMC Pacific NW Chapter.

Two GREAT leaders:

Albert Einstein because of his courage to go against conventional thinking (both in terms of science and society) and for his curiosity to know and understand how the world works. My favorite quote of all time is from Einstein: “The significant issues we face today cannot be solved at the same level of thinking which created them.” He was and still is a thought leader.

My Parents because they taught me key leadership values by how they lived – not by what they told me I should do: I learned the value of relationships, giving of oneself for no reason other than someone else needs my support and will benefit from it, the importance of taking a stand for what I believe in even when it isn’t popular, and that humility is more about subtle confidence than subordination.

When I’m not a consultant:

I’m an avid runner/biker/hiker – cat lover; married to a wonderfully creative artist/computer guy – enjoy good friends, good food, good wine and travelling to places where I can experience a new way of living, new cultures and meeting people with different backgrounds and customs.